The "Legendary" Story

Legendary Arms Works The Big FiveA Legendary Blend

For decades Mark Bansner handcrafted custom hunting rifles for the most extreme climates, with much success. Tucked away in corners of the shop are volumes of testimonials containing photos and letters sent from the farthest reaches of the world attesting to the quality of his rifles. Held to the quality expected of a master gun maker, these rifles were bedded on High Tech Specialties synthetic stocks, which provide the utmost durability whether used in the jungle of Cameroon or the sub-zero Arctic. Available in a multitude of variations, these lightweight, tactile stocks were paired with thousands of quality rifle actions, but none as exemplary as the 704 rifle action. Developed by Ed Brown, this rifle action was referred to by Guns & Ammo magazine as “the most significant advance in bolt action rifle technology in over 100 years.” Defunct for several years, the 704 was resurrected by Legendary Arms Works to be the crowning piece of its new line of production rifles.


These three parts, the Maker, the Stock and the Action, coalesce to create Legendary Arms Works, a new standard by which all others will be judged.

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The LAW-704 Rifle Action
Model 704 ActionThe LAW-704 rifle action is a state of the art, modern day true controlled round feed system (CRF) system. The action was designed to close the bolt with a round in the chamber required minimal effort. A heavy-duty spring loaded pivoting extractor and mechanical ejector ensure positive feed and extraction even under the most severe conditions. With the CRF feature, cartridges from the magazine box come up under the extractor and the extractor holds the round from the beginning of the cycle controlling its complete path all the way into the breech and eventual extraction and ejection upon firing. As the cartridge is pushed forward, up and out of the magazine, the case...
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