The Professional


If you are looking for the ultimate lightweight rifle, look no further. A fluted barrel and bolt body, along with a lightweight Legendary Arms Works (formerly High Tech Specialties) Stock makes The Professional easy to carry over the roughest terrain. The removable muzzle break makes it a pleasure to shoot. Let’s not forget about accuracy. These guns were designed for superior accuracy for that mountain-to-mountain shot.


Each Legendary Arms Works Professional Rifle includes:

  • LAW model 704 action, Controlled Round Feed
  • Match grade, lapped, stainless steel fluted barrel with removable muzzle break
  • Custom tuned Timney trigger
  • Three position safety
  • Legendary Arms Works (formerly High Tech Specialties) hand laid fiberglass stock with aluminum bedding blocks for added strength and accuracy.
  • A 1” Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad
  • Custom one piece aluminum trigger guard, inside the trigger bow release
  • Dark Grey Cerakote (TM) metal finish for the ultimate protection
  • Custom Green speckle paint stock color
  • Available in all common calibers, no extra charge for magnums
  • Deluxe Boyt soft case with LAWs logo
  • Unmatched accuracy, Lifetime warranty
  • Weight: 6.7 lb – 7.0 lb


“I have been using the LAW Model 704 since September ’14, which includes ‘service’ in British Columbia and Mozambique; and whitetail hunting in Georgia, Kansas, and Texas. I’ve actually used three different rifles, two Professionals in, respectively, .280 and .300 Winchester Magnum; and a Big Five in .375 H&H. All three have been joys to carry and have provided very fine accuracy. But the two things I like about them most: The “feel” and handling qualities of Mark Bansner’s stock design are perfect, and the Model 704 action is amazingly smooth! The Legendary Arms Works Model 704 isn’t just a lot of gun for the money…it’s a lot of gun at any price!” – Craig Boddington, World Renowned Hunter/Journalist.