The Closer


We named it The Closer for a reason, it simply gets the job done. Created on the foundation of accuracy, reliability, and superb quality, the word “compromise” does not exist in its vocabulary. The Closer is our Medium weight rifle for the big game hunter and very pointable and portable for most hunting conditions and species.


Each Legendary Arms Works Closer Rifle includes:

  • LAW model 704 action, Controlled Round Feed
  • Match grade, lapped, stainless steel barrel
  • Custom tuned Timney trigger
  • Three position safety
  • Legendary Arms Works (formerly High Tech Specialties) hand laid fiberglass stock with aluminum bedding blocks for added strength and accuracy.
  • A 1” Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad
  • Custom one piece aluminum trigger guard, inside the trigger bow release
  • Grey Cerakote (TM) metal finish for the ultimate protection
  • Custom Gray speckle paint stock color
  • Available in all common calibers, no extra charge for magnums
  • Deluxe Boyt soft case with LAWs logo
  • Unmatched accuracy, Lifetime warranty
  • Weight: 6.7 lb – 7.0 lb


“Being the Hollywood Hunter, I am constantly looking for the next best weapon to take on my next adventure. This fall, I got my hands on the Legendary Arms Long Range Rifles. I have been so impressed with the heirloom quality, design, and functions that I took one with me to Pennsylvania for a long range pursuit. No matter if it was a off hand or long range shot…I knew I had it covered. With the precision balance of these rifles, target barrels, and 704 actions, It was just a matter of time to bring a buck to the ground. I am a believer that there is no rifle on the market that stands close when it comes to quality, price point, and precision. Hollywood Hunter Approved!” – Freddy Harteis, AKA Hollywood Hunter.