Model 704 Action Specs

Model 704 Action (LAW-704) Technical Specifications and Features

  • Each LAW-704 Controlled Round Feed (CRF) action is machined on state-of-the-art CNC machines from 416 stainless steel then Rockwell hardened to 42. These round-bodied actions, which are more desirable for bedding purposes, are available in both short and long action lengths handling cartridges from the .22-250 Remington all the way up to the massive .458 Lott.
  • The LAW-704 rifle action is a state of the art, modern day true controlled round feed system system. The action was designed to close the bolt with a round in the chamber requiring minimal effort. A heavy-duty spring loaded pivoting extractor and mechanical ejector ensure positive feed and extraction even under the most severe conditions. With the CRF feature, cartridges from the magazine box come up under the extractor which holds the round from the beginning of the feed cycle controlling its complete path all the way into the breech and eventual extraction and ejection upon firing. As the cartridge is pushed forward, up and out of the magazine, the case rim slides into the slotted bolt-face rim and is held firmly as it chambers. Most significantly, unlike a traditional Mauser claw, when the 704 bolt is closed, the bolt face rotates around the cartridge and supports it underneath. A large claw shaped extractor is actually part of the bolt face rim. In combination with the precision designed follower described below, this system creates a modern, state of the art truly controlled round feed of the cartridges.

This is absolutely the most desirable and time proven feeding system available today at Legendary Arms Works and is a must for any serious dangerous game hunting

  • Bolt raceways are multi-step broached giving a superior finish for smoother, more reliable feeding.
  • The face of the action is machined concentric to the axis of the bolt during production enhancing precision accuracy. Bolt lugs are precisely mated to the lug seats in the action to create even and consistent bolt contact.
  • The LAW-704 bolt is machined from bar stock with 2 opposed locking lugs and a 90-degree bolt lift. The solid machined bolt handle is induction silver soldered in place. Gas vents on bottom of bolt body and front left side of receiver ring safely protect the shooter in the event of a ruptured case. The bolt body features a distinctive spiral fluting which enhances smooth bolt cycling. The rear of the bolt encompasses a tactile cocking indicator.
  • Each LAW-704 action uses a unique custom machined stainless steel reverse round follower. This design enhances reliable feeding and eliminates the common “bolt/follower” drag associated with other style followers used by other manufacturers. All cartridges are aligned with the chamber in the same way each time as they rise out of the magazine ensuring uniform chambering which contributes to accuracy.
  • In addition, by eliminating the long rotating claw extractor common on conventional control round feed actions, the 704 action has fewer contacting parts which results in dramatically smoother bolt cycling.
  • Receiver thread pitch is 1 1/16” X 16
  • Barrels are match grade stainless steel with a target recessed crown protecting the rifling.
  • A precision ground and laser cut .250” heavy duty recoil lug is used for maximum strength and reliability. Action face and recoil lug are attached with a detention pin for absolute alignment.
  • A distinctively small unobtrusive external bolt release is located on left side of rear receiver ring allowing for instant and simple bolt removal, yet easily accessible with gloves on.
  • The very desirable three position M-70 style swing safety is installed making for the most reliable safety system available. The full rearward position locks the bolt handle and firing pin, the middle position locks the firing pin, but allows the bolt to cycle for easy loading or unloading without completely disengaging the safety. Forward position is fire. The safety is precision machined on all critical angles and contact points making it positive, smooth and silent for hunting conditions.
  • No tools are needed for instant removal of firing control system due to the innovative “bayonet” style bolt shroud. This makes for fast and easy cleaning in the field.
  • A precision machined aluminum trigger guard and one-piece straddle floor plate with inside the bow release lever completes the bottom metal. The magazine box length allows for long seating of bullets with all cartridges.
  • Timney triggers are installed for their consistent reliability in harsh environments such as the desert which can play havoc on other “match grade” triggers. Triggers are customer adjustable and tuned to a crisp 3 lbs from the factory
  • All actions are drilled and tapped for heavy duty 8-40 threads offering maximum strength for scope mounting. Rifles include scope bases: Steel bases capable of accommodating both Weaver and Picatinny rings are installed on The Professional and The Closer. Talley style bases will be included on The Big Five.